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Closeup of COVID-19 vaccine being injected into a person's arm

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, it's important to have access to reliable scientific information. Here are answers to the most common questions.


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Too Hot to Work interactive maps

Too Hot To Work: GIS Map

This series of interactive maps presents an original analysis that quantifies the health and economic impacts of extreme heat on the outdoor workers in a changing climate.


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A person uses their cell phone to call their representatives.

American Democracy Under Siege

In the last few years, many elected leaders have attacked voting rights, cast doubt on free and fair elections, and served private interests over the public good. But all is not lost.
Workers outside in the heat

Video: Too Hot to Work

The Union of Concerned Scientists released a new report titled “Too Hot to Work,” which examines the effects of extreme heat on outdoor workers’ health and livelihoods.


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Got Science? The Podcast - Astrid Caldas

Hurricane Season 2021

Senior Climate Scientist Astrid Caldas elaborates on Ida—and the many other deadly and damaging 2021 storms made worse by climate change.