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A green digital clock display frozen at 10:00 minutes

Ten Minutes to Decide the Fate of the World

The current nuclear launch policy gives the President of the United States sole authority to launch nuclear weapons within 10 minutes of learning of a possible nuclear attack. America needs an updated common-sense launch policy.
Jeffery U. Darensbourg, tribal councilperson of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Indians.

Jeffery Darensbourg

Jeffery U. Darensbourg is a tribal councilperson of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Indians and a freelance writer, speaker, and editor. He is Editor-Who’s-not-a-Chief of the zine Bulbancha Is Still a Place: Indigenous Culture from New Orleans.
Still from video of Louisana environmental justice activist Dustin Renaud.

Dustin Renaud

Louisiana’s workers and families have felt the health and environmental burden of oil drilling. The Trump Administration’s attacks on science are putting them at even greater risk.