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Scientist speaking at a public event

Communicating Science

Since its founding, the Union of Concerned Scientists has been a leader in science and technology communication. We’ve worked with thousands of researchers and academics to help them make their work more accessible to lay audiences.
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Cooler Smarter Trivia Night Kit

The Cooler Smarter Trivia Night Kit from the Union of Concerned Scientists contains all the tools you'll need to host a successful trivia night and inspire your guests to reduce their carbon footprint with a few simple, practical steps.
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The UCS EW3 Energy-Water Database

This database compiles the data used by the Union of Concerned Scientists to analyze the water, carbon, and temperature impacts of US power plants for the report “Freshwater Use by US Power Plants: Electricity’s Thirst for a Precious Resource."
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Woman tending vegetable garden.

The Climate-Friendly Gardener

Learn how gardeners can help combat global warming. We explain the science linking soil, plants, and climate change; provide tips for a more climate-friendly garden; and share resources that will help you adapt these tips to your own needs.
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Reporters writing in notebooks

Writing Op-Eds

Op-Eds are a simple and effective way to inform the public and affect policy makers. Learn how to write them and get your viewpoint out in a visible way.