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Published Oct 5, 2021

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The US energy grid is seriously outdated. This fact is proven every time there is an extreme weather event or major storm and entire communities and regions lose power—sometimes for weeks.

Policymakers and community leaders must promote investment in modernizing our power grid with clean energy sources.

image of inside battery box
US Dept. of Energy

But clean energy alone isn’t enough. We also need to be able to store the energy generated from clean sources in order to access it when the sun isn’t shining, the wind isn’t blowing as strongly, or to help prevent a power outage when there is peak demand for electricity—especially in summer months.

Energy storage is a key part of a future powered largely by clean energy, and it should be widely and equitably available. With renewable energy and battery storage, communities can become more resilient to climate impacts that are becoming more frequent.

This Energy Storage Hub is a collection of resources to help you with everything from learning how energy storage technology works and where it needs improvement to what we can do right now to promote wider adoption of energy storage to maximize benefits for the climate and all communities.

Facts about energy storage and technology

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US Dept. of Energy

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