Voting Safely and Securely in Arizona in 2020

Published Oct 1, 2020 Updated Oct 16, 2020

Everyone should be able to vote safely, even as we face a global pandemic. You can help ensure that Arizona voters have access to mail-in voting and nearby in-person voting where social distancing protocols are enforced. Here are some resources to help you engage in voting rights activism in your community.

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October 14 - A federal appeals court has cut off an extension of Arizona’s voter registration deadline, changing it from October 23 to Thursday, October 15.

A lower court judge had extended the deadline last week from October 5 to October 23 after two advocacy groups, Mi Familia Vota and Arizona Coalition for Change, filed a lawsuit arguing that the coronavirus pandemic had stymied their plans to register new voters. This week, state officials asked an appeals court to stop the extension, arguing the sudden change has created administrative problems for election officials at the start of early voting and risks confusing voters.

All Voter Registration Requests must be postmarked October 15. Check your Voter registration TODAY.

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