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Recipe for a Better Food System

Abundant, healthy food that's affordable for everyone. Fair wages and working conditions for food and farm workers. Farmland and surrounding landscapes preserved for future generations. That's the food system we need, but not the food system we have.

Abuses of Science

The UCS Scientific Integrity program has collected over 100 tales of interference, suppression of data, muzzling of scientists, the well-traveled "revolving door" between industry and public service, and the stacking of scientific advisory boards.

Fugitive Methane Emissions

Methane leaks from natural gas drilling sites and pipelines. These fugitive methane emissions are 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat.

Nuclear Weapons Complex Map

The UCS Nuclear Weapons Complex Map is a free, publicly available, interactive tool that allows users to explore the U.S. nuclear weapons complex in Google Earth.