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UCS Science Fellows

The UCS Science Fellows Program brings early to mid-career scientists to UCS to work on innovative and forward-looking projects that are primarily scientific, technical, or analytic in nature. Approximately every two years, UCS will announce a competition for fellowships (up to two years in length) in topic areas identified by UCS and approved by our Science Fellows Advisory Committee.

UCS currently awards Kendall Science Fellowships and Hitz Family Climate Fellowships.

Kendall Science Fellowships were initiated in 2008 to honor Nobel Prize winning physicist Henry Kendall, co-founder of UCS and long-time chair of our board. Kendall was known for his unique ability to shake up the status quo and catalyze new thinking, and UCS looks to Kendall Fellows to do the same across our issue areas.

Initiated in 2019, the Hitz Family Climate Fellowship was established to support innovative policy-relevant research and solutions to address one of the world’s most pressing issues. The California-based Hitz family is dedicated to driving impact in the arts, environment, science, and education.

Past fellows

Shuchi Talati

Former Fellow (Solar Geoengineering Research, Governance and Public Engagement)