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2019 Releases

9/18/2019 Trump Upends Law, Undermines Climate and Clean Air by Rescinding California’s Clean Air Authority
9/10/2019 Science Group Calls for Secretary Ross to Resign, Full Investigation of Manipulation of Science at NOAA
9/10/2019 Bolton Departure Good News
8/29/2019 Trump Administration Proposal to Gut Methane Rules Would Accelerate Climate Change
8/26/2019 Pres. Trump More Concerned With Helping Election-Meddling Russia Than Acting on Climate Crisis
8/14/2019 Colorado Adopts New Zero-Emission Vehicle Policy
8/1/2019 74 Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings, the Risk of Nuclear War is Increasing, Science Group Says
7/31/2019 Democratic Presidential Candidates May Disagree on Nuclear ‘No-First-Use’ Policy, But Majority of Americans Say United States Should Not Start a Nuclear War
7/31/2019 US Withdraws from INF Treaty August 2, Move Will Undermine US Security
7/25/2019 California Strikes Deal with Four Automakers
7/23/2019 Your Favorite Cereals Could Help Farmers, Reduce Soil Erosion and Farm Runoff, and Take a Bite Out of Climate Change
7/18/2019 Environmental Justice and National Environmental Groups Advance a Historic Joint Climate Platform
7/18/2019 New Survey Shows Strong Support for Electric Vehicles Across Economic Spectrum
7/17/2019 Organizations Urge Congress to Strengthen National Flood Insurance Program
7/16/2019 Dangerous Heat to Soar Across Entire US “Breaking” National Weather Service Heat Index Scale, Posing Unprecedented Health Risks
7/16/2019 El calor en Estados Unidos se elevará a niveles peligrosos “rompiendo” la escala de sensación térmica del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional y presentando riesgos sin precedente para la salud
7/16/2019 Midwest Region Areas to Endure About Three Months a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 100 Degrees
7/16/2019 Northeast Region Areas to Endure Seven Weeks or More a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 100 Degrees
7/16/2019 Northern Great Plains Region Areas to Endure Nine Weeks or More a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 100 Degrees
7/16/2019 Northwest Region Areas to Endure Seven Weeks or More a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 90 Degrees
7/16/2019 Southeast Region Areas to Endure About Four Months a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 105 Degrees
7/16/2019 Southern Great Plains Region Areas to Endure About Four Months a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 105 Degrees
7/16/2019 Southwest Region Areas to Endure Seven Weeks or More a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 105 Degrees
7/12/2019 Science Group Opposes Planned Immigration Raids, Mistreatment of Immigrants
7/10/2019 New Climate Risk Disclosure Bills Ensure Investors and the Public Have More Information to Adequately Plan for a Low-Carbon Future
7/9/2019 Governors Demand Strong Car Standards that Defend Consumers, Climate
7/2/2019 New World Heritage Sites to be Announced
7/1/2019 Immigrant Treatment Must Improve
7/1/2019 Oregon Leaders Fail to Take Aggressive Climate Action
6/27/2019 Bonn Climate Talks Make Limited Progress, Greater Political Leadership Essential to Address Climate Emergency
6/27/2019 En el noreste, las comunidades étnicas y raciales minoritarias respiran 66% más aire contaminado proveniente de los vehículos
6/27/2019 In the Northeast, Communities of Color Breathe 66% More Air Pollution from Vehicles
6/26/2019 Study: Renewable Electricity Standard Bill is Affordable and Would Slash Power Sector Carbon by Nearly Half
6/21/2019 Reckless US Actions Against Iran Could Push Tehran to Build Nuclear Weapons
6/19/2019 New EPA Power Plant Rule is a Sham, Science Group Says
6/14/2019 White House Eliminates a Third of Federal Advisory Committees
6/13/2019 USDA Chooses Kansas City as New Home for Two Research Agencies, in Move that Jeopardizes Science Research
6/6/2019 Current U.S. Dietary Guidelines Don’t Protect Us from Health Risks of Processed Meats, According to New Analysis by Science Group
5/30/2019 Urgent Action on Climate Change Will Prevent Heat-Related Deaths in Major US Cities
5/30/2019 Congress Must Act, as National Flood Insurance Program Soon to Lapse
5/20/2019 Iowa Residents Overwhelmingly Want Presidential Candidates to Share Views on Nuclear Weapons
5/15/2019 U.S. House Hearing Sets the Stage for Progress on PFAS
5/10/2019 Colorado Advances Toward a Clean, Modern Transportation Future
5/8/2019 National Clean Energy Standard Is a ‘Down-Payment’ on Congressional Climate Action
5/2/2019 Tax Code Reform Bill Would Set New Priorities by Providing Long-Term Incentives for Low-Carbon Energy Resources
4/26/2019 NNSA Decision to Renew Jason Science Advisors Contract is the Right Call for National Security, Science Group Says
4/19/2019 Washington State Poised to Become Global Climate Leader with Passage of 100 Percent Clean Electricity Bill; Clean Fuels Should Follow
4/11/2019 Bernhardt’s Confirmation Underscores Threats to Science at Interior, Need for Oversight
4/4/2019 Congress Must Pass Energy Storage Tax Credit Bill
4/2/2019 ExxonMobil Blocks Shareholder Vote on Climate Proposal, Ignores Investor Warnings Rather Than Addressing Climate Change
4/2/2019 Shell Quitting Oil Lobby Puts BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil On Notice
3/27/2019 India Destroys Satellite, Showing Need for International Agreement on Space Security
3/27/2019 House Leaders Introduce Legislation Requiring US to Remain in Paris Climate Agreement
3/26/2019 Green New Deal or Not, Congress Must Act on Climate Change
3/21/2019 Science Paper Refutes EPA Science Advice on Assessing Particulate Pollution Dangers
3/19/2019 Science, Civil Rights, Public Health and Good Government Groups Rally Behind Scientific Integrity Legislation
3/18/2019 Poll Finds Over 70% of New Hampshire Residents Believe US Should Never Use Nuclear Weapons First
3/13/2019 Scientific Integrity Act Would Be an Important Step Forward for Science, Health
3/12/2019 New Mexico Takes Bold New Step with Passage of 100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity Bill
3/12/2019 In Rush to Gut Vehicle Rules, Wheeler Intends to Fight States’ Legal Ability to Set Standards
3/12/2019 Trump Administration’s USDA Relocation “Contest” Makes Mockery of Agricultural Research, Says Science Group
3/7/2019 New Mexico Energy Bill Passes Senate; Charts Bold Course to 100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity
3/6/2019 GAO Report Concludes Climate Change Will Cost Taxpayers Even More if Government Fails to Act
2/25/2019 More than 70 Oregon Scientists and Researchers Urge Oregon Legislature to Take Strong Climate Action
2/25/2019 U.S. House Hearing Will Expose Industry Disinformation and Its Consequences
2/22/2019 Self-Driving Vehicles Could Worsen Inequity in the DC Area—Unless We Act Now
2/21/2019 Maine Transmission Line Agreement Will Lower Northeast Carbon Emissions and Provide Economic Benefits at the Same Time
2/20/2019 Defying Law and Science, Trump Administration Ends Vehicles Talks With California and Signals Major Standards Rollback
2/20/2019 DOD, NSC Officials Say Climate Change is a National Security Risk, and Science is on Their Side
2/19/2019 ConocoPhillips Mentions “Climate” 28 Times in Its Annual Financial Report, But Fails to Outline How It Will Slash Emissions to Avoid Climate Change’s Worst Impacts
2/19/2019 There Are Much Better Options than a Space Force
2/15/2019 Emergency Declaration is Abuse of Authority
2/14/2019 Legislation Would Halt Ill-Conceived Trump Administration Plan to Move USDA Research Agencies
2/14/2019 EPA PFAS Plan Falls Short of a Real Commitment to Chemical Safety
2/8/2019 New ExxonMobil Climate Risk Report Parrots Much of Last Report
2/7/2019 Green New Deal Resolution Pushes Congress to Act on Climate
2/6/2019 Top Scientists Confirm 2018 Fourth Hottest Year on Record, Last Five Years Rank Hottest
2/5/2019 Latinos y los afroamericanos en California respiran alrededor de un 40 por ciento más de contaminación de vehículos que los californianos blancos
2/5/2019 Latinos and African-Americans in California Breathe about 40 Percent More Vehicle Pollution than White Californians
2/4/2019 Bernhardt Could Continue—or Even Increase—Damage Done to DOI in the Trump Era
2/1/2019 BP Backs Shareholder Climate Proposal
1/30/2019 ‘No-First-Use’ Bills Introduced Today Would Strengthen US Security, Lessen Risk of Nuclear War
1/28/2019 New UCS Report Tallies Attacks on Science in Trump Era Harming Public Health
1/24/2019 National Report Shows Natural Gas Overreliance Keeps US Power Sector Emissions High Through 2050
1/24/2019 NRC Guts a Critical Safety Regulation, Recklessly Disregarding the Critical Lessons of the Fukushima Disaster
1/18/2019 Latest Defense Report Aims to Get Military Climate Ready, But Key Information Also Missing
1/17/2019 Governor Polis Points Colorado to a Clean-Transportation Future with New Executive Order
1/16/2019 New York Advances Ambitious Climate Proposal, But Must Address Transportation
1/10/2019 Scientists Say Washington Can Exceed Targets in Proposed Clean Fuels Program
1/7/2019 US Supreme Court Allows MA AG ExxonMobil Investigation to Continue