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2016 Releases

12/22/2016 Science Group Reacts to Ohio Governor’s Veto of House Bill 554
12/19/2016 As OMB Director, Mulvaney Could Undermine Safeguards that Protect the Public
12/14/2016 Trump Transition Team Disavows DOE Questionnaire—Must Go Further to Signal Respect for Science
12/13/2016 Science Group Offers Mixed Reaction to Perry Energy Secretary Nomination
12/12/2016 New Science Group Study Shows New Hampshire Could Grow Local Clean Energy Development While Boosting Economy
12/12/2016 Science Group Shows Maine How to Tap Hundreds of Millions in Investments for Renewables, Energy Efficiency
12/12/2016 Science Group Shows Vermont How to Tap Over $100 Million in Investment for Local Clean Energy Projects
12/10/2016 Likely Deputy Secretary of State Pick Jeopardizes US Security, Science Group Says
12/10/2016 Secretary of State Pick Cements Governance by Oil Industry, Says Science Group
12/9/2016 UCS Condemns Trump Transition Team Effort to Target DOE Employees Focused on Climate
12/9/2016 McMorris Rodgers’ Record Raises Serious Questions for Science at Interior Department
12/8/2016 Trump’s Asia Advisors Want to Scrap “Three Communiques” With China
12/8/2016 US Energy Bill Expected to Die, Science Group Offers Reaction
12/7/2016 Pruitt an Unacceptable Choice to Run EPA
12/5/2016 Key Members of Congress Stand for Science, Americans’ Health, Against Budgetary Attack
11/30/2016 EPA Acts to Keep Vital Vehicle Efficiency Standards Moving Forward
11/29/2016 2300 Scientists from All Fifty States Pen Open Letter to Incoming Trump Administration
11/21/2016 Rejecting Rhetoric and Actions that Divide Us
11/18/2016 World Leaders, Sub-National Governments, Businesses Continue Momentum on Global Climate Action in Marrakech
11/16/2016 U.S. Releases Plan to Deeply Reduce Global Warming Emissions by Mid-Century
11/3/2016 Union of Concerned Scientists Participating in Three Side Events at COP22 in Marrakech
11/2/2016 Paris Agreement Enters into Force This Week, What to Expect at November Climate Talks
10/26/2016 Houston Chemical Facilities Put Vulnerable Communities in Double Jeopardy
10/26/2016 Electric Trucks and Buses Can Reduce Pollution and Create Job Opportunities
10/17/2016 ExxonMobil Attempts to Block NY AG Subpoena to Investigate Whether Their Climate Deception Constitutes Fraud
10/11/2016 Frequently Asked Questions about Hurricane Matthew and Climate Change
10/4/2016 New Study Ranks Eight Major Fossil Fuel Companies on Their Climate Change Actions
10/4/2016 Paris Agreement Expected to Enter Into Force in Advance of UN November Climate Change Summit
10/3/2016 Russia Announces Suspension of U.S.-Russian Plutonium Agreement
9/28/2016 Youngest Americans Least Protected from Added Sugar Health Risks
9/26/2016 Governor Brown Signs UCS-Backed Bill to Help California Water Users Fight Climate Change
9/26/2016 Governor Brown Signs UCS-Backed Climate-Safe Infrastructure Bill
9/19/2016 Seattle Adopts UCS’s Oil-Saving Plan, Aims to Cut Oil Use in Half
9/13/2016 House Science Committee Hearing an Attempt to Justify Unconstitutional Investigation
9/12/2016 Global Brands’ Beef Purchasing Practices Fail to Protect South American Tropical Forests from Destruction
9/8/2016 CA Gov. Signs Historic Climate Bill, Making State Largest Emissions Reducer
9/6/2016 US, China Ratify Paris Agreement on Climate Change Making Early Entry into Force More Likely
8/29/2016 Legislature Passes Bill to Help California Water Users Fight Climate Change
8/25/2016 California Climate-Safe Infrastructure Bill Passes Legislature, Awaits Governor’s Signature
8/24/2016 California Leads with Historic Climate Votes, Sends Market Signal for Clean Energy Growth and Investment
8/24/2016 There’s an Emerging Electric Vehicle Market—But Some Automakers Are Lagging Behind
8/24/2016 California Leads Emerging Electric Vehicle Market, but Some Automakers Are Lagging Behind
8/23/2016 Assembly Passes Bill to Extend California’s Landmark Climate Program, but Fight Isn’t Over
8/17/2016 New Study Shows Federal Crop Insurance Program Incentivizes Farming Methods that Lead to Toxic Algal Blooms, Drinking Water Pollution, Other Costly Problems
8/12/2016 New Truck Standards a Major Step Forward for Consumers and Climate, Science Group Says
8/5/2016 California Urgently Needs Action on Climate Change; Legislature and Governor Should Pass SB 32 This Year
8/1/2016 Mass. Clean Energy Bill Propels State to Head of the Pack
7/27/2016 Peer-Reviewed Study Finds High Tropical Deforestation from Oil Palm Production
7/27/2016 New Study Finds US Coastal Military Installations Will Lose Land to Sea Level Rise in Decades Ahead
7/26/2016 Science Group Rejects Lamar Smith Subpoena
7/18/2016 In Technical Assessment Report, EPA and NHTSA Show Feasibility, Importance of Strong Fuel Efficiency Standards
7/13/2016 Report: U.S. Missile Defense Program, Exempt from Standard Oversight Procedures, is Costly and Unreliable
7/13/2016 Science Group Denounces Lamar Smith Subpoena
7/12/2016 Senate Votes to Conference on Energy Bill
7/8/2016 UCS Denounces Rising Level of Violence; Condemns Easy Access to Guns
6/29/2016 Burger King Parent Company’s Sustainability Framework Fails to Protect Tropical Forests
6/28/2016 VW Settlement Provides Accountability—But Can’t Undo the Damage VW Has Done
6/27/2016 Assembly Committee Passes Bill to Help California’s Water Sector Fight Climate Change
6/21/2016 Top American Scientists Urge Obama to Take Nuclear Missiles off Hair-Trigger Alert
6/16/2016 Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Retirement is Huge Opportunity for California Renewables
6/16/2016 ExxonMobil Wants Federal Court to Toss Demand for Documents by Massachusetts Attorney General
6/14/2016 Assembly Climate Safe Infrastructure Bill Gains Momentum, Passes First Senate Vote
6/9/2016 MA House Passes Energy Bill with Some Important Provisions, Senate Version Must Still be Stronger
6/1/2016 California Assembly Passes Bill to Protect Public Infrastructure from Climate Change
6/1/2016 Union of Concerned Scientists Stands Up to Congressional Attack
5/27/2016 UCS Publishes Updated Great Barrier Reef Case Study Removed from World Heritage Report
5/26/2016 In California, Survey Shows Strong Interest, Greater Potential for Electric Vehicles
5/26/2016 In the Northeast, Survey Shows Strong Interest, Big Potential for Electric Vehicles
5/24/2016 Novo relatório mostra como as mudanças climáticas ameaçam os Patrimônios da Humanidade
5/24/2016 Un nuevo informe revela los iconos del Patriomino Mundial en riesgo por el cambio climático
5/24/2016 Un nouveau rapport montre que le changement climatique met les sites du patrimoine mondial en danger
5/24/2016 New Report Shows World Heritage Icons at Risk from Climate Change
5/24/2016 Massachusetts Has Chance to Think Big, Move Forward Toward Clean Energy Future
5/23/2016 Congress to Rewrite the Rulebook on Chemical Safety: The Good News and the Bad
5/23/2016 Report Finds Growing Risk of Nuclear War Between United States and China
5/20/2016 NAS Report on NRC’s Deficient Spent Fuel Pool Regulation Echoes UCS Criticisms
5/20/2016 New Added Sugar Label Will Help Protect Americans’ Health
5/19/2016 Legal Scholars Send Gov. Brown Letter Supporting Efforts to Protect Consumers
5/19/2016 Rep. Lamar Smith Abuses His Power, Again
5/18/2016 School Meal Bill Could Remove Millions of Low-Income Children from Meal Programs
5/11/2016 A Changing Oil Industry Poses Increasing Climate Risk
5/9/2016 Clean Power Plan, Renewable Energy Tax Credits Set to Drive Needed Clean Energy Transition
5/4/2016 Los científicos y los líderes de la fe urgen al presidente Obama de anunciar en Hiroshima los pasos para reducir los riesgos nucleares
5/4/2016 Scientists and Faith Leaders Urge President Obama to Announce Steps in Hiroshima to Reduce Nuclear Risks
5/3/2016 California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act Passes Out of Judiciary Committee, Advances to Senate Floor
4/29/2016 New Limits on Methane a Vital First Step to Protect Climate—But We Need Broader Standards
4/21/2016 What’s Next Following the Historic Signing of Paris Agreement?
4/20/2016 California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act Passes First Major Test
4/19/2016 Senate Expected to Take Step Toward a Clean Energy Economy, is the House Next?
4/19/2016 New Study Finds That Living Near Healthy Food Retailers is Associated with Lower Diabetes Rates Across the Nation
4/15/2016 Stronger Clean Energy Policies, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Health, Economic Benefits for Michigan
4/13/2016 Funding for Key Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Increased by $25 Million
4/13/2016 New Evidence of Fossil Fuel Industry Climate Science Deception Underscores Need for SB 1161 (Allen), “California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act”
4/13/2016 New Evidence Reveals Fossil Fuel Industry Funded Cutting-Edge Climate Science Research Dating Back to 1950s
4/6/2016 Reducing Natural Gas Overreliance Risks in Massachusetts through Renewable Energy
3/31/2016 US, China Provide Continued Leadership on Climate Change, Urge Approval of Paris Agreement in 2016
3/29/2016 Science Group Welcomes Massachusetts Investigation into ExxonMobil over Climate Deception
3/29/2016 Fossil Fuel Industry Climate Science Deception
3/29/2016 Climate Change in California: Costly Damage Worsened by Fossil Fuel Companies’ Science Deception
3/29/2016 California Bill Seeks Accountability from Fossil Fuel Companies for Climate Science Deception
3/25/2016 Administration Takes Big Step in Creating Energy Grid of the Future
3/25/2016 Science Group Lauds SEC Rulings that Fossil Fuel Companies Must Allow Climate Change Votes
3/24/2016 At Long Last, Workers Will Get More Protection From Silica Dust
3/15/2016 UCS Annual Review of U.S. Nuclear Reactor ‘Near Misses’ Finds More than 60 Percent of Safety Violations at Entergy Plants
3/15/2016 Turning Millions of Dollars into Billions for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency in Michigan
3/10/2016 US, Canada Power Ahead Together on Climate Action
3/8/2016 Stronger Clean Energy Policies, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Economic Rewards for New Mexico
3/2/2016 Oregon Legislature Builds on Paris Climate Accord with Bill to Transition from Coal to Clean Electricity
3/1/2016 Report: Five Years Later, NRC Has Made Only Limited Progress Instituting Post-Fukushima Safety Upgrades
2/25/2016 Long-Overdue EPA Risk Management Program Rule Aims to Help At-Risk Communities, but Needs Significant Strengthening
2/23/2016 Clean Jobs Bill, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Economic Benefits for Illinois
2/23/2016 California Department of Water Resources Releases Draft Groundwater Regulations
2/22/2016 Stronger Clean Energy Policies, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Economic Rewards for Minnesota
2/22/2016 NREL Report Shows Wind and Solar Tax Credits will Cut Emissions and Drive More Renewable Development
2/17/2016 Stronger Clean Energy Policies, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Economic Rewards for Pennsylvania
2/10/2016 Supreme Court Decision to Temporarily Block Clean Power Plan Does Not Prevent States from Implementing It
2/9/2016 President Obama Calls for Doubling Funding for Key Agriculture Research Program in Proposed 2016 Budget
2/9/2016 Energy Department Expected to Slash MOX Program in FY 2017 Budget
2/8/2016 New Report Shows Oil Getting Dirtier, Alternatives Cleaner
2/3/2016 Turning Millions of Dollars into Billions for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania
2/1/2016 Scientists Call on Oregon Governor and State Legislature to take Climate Action During 2016 Session
1/29/2016 California Water Commission Releases New Draft Regulations
1/28/2016 West Coast States Could Cut Petroleum Consumption in Half by 2030
1/27/2016 New Study Finds $3 Billion Boon to Iowa’s Economy if Supermarkets, Restaurants and Schools Bought More Locally Grown Food
1/25/2016 UCS Comments on Supreme Court Decision on Demand Response
1/22/2016 BLM Methane Rule a Welcome Step in Reducing Global Warming Pollution
1/22/2016 Mid-Atlantic Blizzard to Cause Coastal Flooding
1/21/2016 Statement from UCS President Ken Kimmell on Today's Clean Power Plan Court Decision
1/20/2016 Science Group Lauds California Attorney General’s Move to Investigate ExxonMobil
1/20/2016 2015 Hottest Year on Record
1/18/2016 Science Group Runs Ad in Early Primary State Underscoring Climate Threat
1/15/2016 Halting New Coal Leases on Public Lands Makes Economic, Environmental Sense
1/13/2016 Carbon Trading Program Could Yield Significant Rewards for Virginia
1/12/2016 National Food Policy Fails, But These Cities Show the Way Forward
1/7/2016 Dietary Guidelines Fall Short in Following the Science and Protecting the Public