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2013 Releases

12/19/2013 Michigan Governor Announces Goals for State's Energy Future
12/11/2013 New Survey Finds Many Households Can Use Electric Vehicles
12/11/2013 “Superweeds” Resulting from Monsanto’s Products Overrun U.S. Farm Landscape
12/9/2013 Updated Study Highlights Eroding Economics of U.S. Coal Fleet
12/5/2013 EPA Should Develop a New Long-Term Roadmap for Biofuels
12/5/2013 Wilmar Commits To Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
11/25/2013 UCS Scientist Takes Top Scientific Integrity Post at U.S. EPA
11/23/2013 Negotiators Salvage Climate Framework At Last Minute
11/23/2013 Warsaw Talks Provide Just Enough to Move Process Forward on Path to Paris
11/21/2013 REDD+ Funding Announcement Indicates Some Progress
11/21/2013 Some NGOs Walk Out Of Warsaw Climate Negotiations
11/15/2013 New Renewable Fuel Targets From EPA Are Encouraging, Retain Support For Non-Food Biofuels, Science Group Says
11/13/2013 Inefficiencies in Global Land Use Create Waste, Health Problems and Environmental Pollution
11/13/2013 NRC Fails to Apply Standard Earthquake Protection Protocols to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant, Report Finds
11/12/2013 As Urgency of Action Is Higher Than Ever, Expectations for U.N. Climate Negotiations in Warsaw Are Low
11/4/2013 New Report Green Lights Michigan to Expand Renewable Energy Standard
10/24/2013 UCS Applauds Multi-State Effort to Develop More Robust Market for Electric Vehicles
10/22/2013 Less Corn, More Fruits and Vegetables Would Benefit U.S. Farmers, Consumers and Rural Communities
10/17/2013 U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Plan Misguided, Report Finds
10/17/2013 World Food Prize Honors Monsanto; Proven Science Disregarded
10/11/2013 UCS Supports Ryan Proposal to Limit Crop Insurance Subsidies
10/9/2013 Without A New Farm Bill, Permanent Provisions from 1949 Law Will Make Milk, Bread More Expensive in 2014
10/7/2013 Union of Concerned Scientists: New Look, Same Mission
10/3/2013 Government Shutdown Leaves Farm Bill Stranded; Local Food Programs That Could Save Taxpayers Billions Remain in Limbo
9/30/2013 House Farm Bill Delays and Dysfunction Cost Government, Taxpayers Billions
9/27/2013 International Climate Report Underscores Need for Greater Policy Action
9/26/2013 Proposed Legislation Would Gut Ohio’s Clean Energy Laws
9/26/2013 Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Won’t Solve Nuclear Power’s Safety, Security and Cost Problems, New Report Finds
9/20/2013 New EPA Carbon Rules Can Be Backstop Against Future Emissions
8/19/2013 NJ Gov Christie May Let Bill Go Into Effect That Would Increase Coastal Damage Risk
8/19/2013 NJ Gov Vetoes Bill That Would Have Increased Coastal Damage Risk
8/13/2013 New Report Highlights Increasing Risks to Coastal Homes from Sea Level Rise And Storms
8/8/2013 Extra Daily Serving Of Fruits or Vegetables Can Save Lives and Billions in Health Care Costs
8/8/2013 National Science Organization Releases Report on Economics of Healthy Eating at NYC’s Mount Sinai Greenmarket
8/7/2013 Extra Daily Serving of Fruits or Vegetables Can Save Lives and Billions in Health Care Costs
8/6/2013 EPA Should Do More to Reduce Competition Between Food and Fuel Crops
7/29/2013 UCS’s Ricardo Salvador Receives James Beard Foundation Leadership Award
7/18/2013 Senate Confirms Gina McCarthy as Next EPA Administrator
7/16/2013 Future Power Generation Could Further Endanger Water Supplies
7/12/2013 House Passes Partial Farm Bill, Creating Further Uncertainty in Already Complex Process
6/27/2013 Nuclear Waste Bill Fails to Address Near-Term On-Site Management and Risks from Overcrowded Pools
6/25/2013 Obama Shares More Details on Climate Plans
6/25/2013 President Obama Pledges To Help Communities Prepare for Climate Change, Reduce U.S. Emissions
6/25/2013 UCS Forum on Insurance in an Era of Climate Change Takes Place on June 28 in Pasadena
6/19/2013 President Obama Can Do More to Strengthen National Security by Cutting Entire U.S. Nuclear Arsenal to 1,000 Weapons
6/19/2013 Union of Concerned Scientists President Kevin Knobloch to Take New Post at Department of Energy
6/11/2013 New York City Climate Change Adaptation Plan Way of Future
6/11/2013 White House Stops Fighting Plan B Access
6/10/2013 Who Owns The Forest?
6/5/2013 Scientist Says Federal Biofuel Production Mandate Flexible Enough to Meet Goals
5/31/2013 FDA Emails Show Manager Favoring Speed Over Safety on Blood Pressure Pills
5/23/2013 Memorial Day Travelers Will Spend Over $1.4 Billion on Gasoline
5/23/2013 Policymakers Issue Flurry of Misleading Statements on Climate Science
5/13/2013 U.S. News Media Help Koch Brothers and ExxonMobil Spread Climate Disinformation, UCS Investigation Finds
5/9/2013 Congress Should Prioritize Modern, “Healthy Farm” Practices When Farm Bill Debate Re-Starts This Month
5/9/2013 Lawmakers Urged to Quickly Reschedule McCarthy Vote
5/3/2013 World Leaders Lack Political Will to Make Progress at Climate Negotiations in Bonn
5/2/2013 EPA Grants for Hurricane Sandy Relief
4/25/2013 Draft Senate Nuclear Waste Bill Fails to Address Current Storage Safety Issues at Nuclear Power Plants
4/24/2013 Coastal Cities Confront Global Warming-Induced Sea Level Rise
4/12/2013 Forum on Climate Preparedness in the Valley Takes Place at Fresno State April 15
4/9/2013 As Farm Bill Drafting Starts Anew, Congress Should Prioritize Healthy Food and Farm Programs
4/8/2013 UCS Tells EPA: No More Food for Fuel
4/5/2013 Federal Judge Rules Emergency Contraception “Plan B” Can Be Sold Over the Counter to All Women Of Child-Bearing Age
3/29/2013 Lower Tailpipe Emissions Will Lead to Cleaner Air, More Jobs
3/29/2013 Ohio Senator Opposes Renewable Energy Standard He Once Supported, Linking it to Communist Policy
3/19/2013 Scientists Urge Ohio Senators to Continue Clean Energy Standards
3/19/2013 Warmer Springs Mean Less Snow Cover, Disruptions for Plants and Animals, and More Allergies, Scientists Say
3/18/2013 National Research Council Study Charts Course to a Half the Oil Future
3/18/2013 Union of Concerned Scientists Expert to Testify at Kalamazoo Energy Forum
3/15/2013 EPA Projects Highest Ever Fuel Economy in 2012, But It’s Just the Beginning
3/15/2013 Limited Media Access to Federal Scientists Persists Under Obama Administration
3/8/2013 Four Years Later, a Mixed Bag of New Scientific Integrity Policies at Federal Agencies
3/7/2013 UCS's Third Annual Review Finds NRC Still Inconsistent in Maintaining Nuclear Plant Safety
2/22/2013 California Energy Case Names Koch, Shows Need For Diverse Portfolio
2/14/2013 Michigan Governor Hearings on Energy Future Must Lead to Policy in 2014
2/13/2013 President Says Nation Should Heed Science, Act on Climate Change
2/11/2013 FERC Inquiry on Natural Gas Reliance
2/7/2013 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Should Reject Lawmakers’ Call for Watering Down, Slowing Down Post-Fukushima Safety Upgrades
2/6/2013 Report Shows Energy Efficiency and Renewables Are Best Alternatives for Replacing Duke’s Coal and Nuclear Plants
2/4/2013 Drivers Spend Almost as Much on Gas as They Paid for Their Cars
1/31/2013 New EPA Rules Use Food Crop Biofuels to Make up for Cellulosic Shortfall
1/29/2013 California Debates Implementing Deforestation Partnership for Carbon Offsets
1/16/2013 President Obama Pledges to Lift Restrictions on Federally Funded Gun Research
1/15/2013 Task Force Reportedly Recommends Lifting Federal Gun Violence Research Restrictions
1/11/2013 Federal Advisory Committee Releases Draft National Climate Assessment
1/8/2013 2012 Hottest Year on Record for United States
1/8/2013 Georgia Power Announces Closure of Power Plants Science Group Identified As Ripe For Retirement
1/4/2013 Survey of FDA Scientists Reveals Food Safety Concerns
1/2/2013 New Year’s Day Farm Bill Extension a Giant Step Backward