Emily Boniface

Nature and science have always been important to Emily Boniface.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she developed an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and a sense of the importance of protecting and preserving it.  More than a decade spent as a Cell and Molecular Biologist taught her the value of curiosity, patience, and most importantly, the scientific method.  Her time as a scientist also made her an advocate for the role of science in public policy, which led her to help found the Northwest Friends of UCS, a local group which seeks to promote the goals of the Union of Concerned Scientists and emphasize the importance of sound science in local policy-making decisions.

Watching her young son grow and with a daughter on the way, Emily was inspired to make a more tangible difference to the future of our planet and species, and decided to move away from the laboratory bench and toward the field of public health, specifically sexual and reproductive health with an emphasis on family planning.  Now at the beginning of her public health education, she plans to use her research experience to explore the intersection of population and the environment, and hopes to combine her education and life experience to inform evidence-based public policy.