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Solutions for a Safer World

UCS advocates for safer nuclear weapons policy, tighter nuclear material controls, better missile defense policies, and related policy improvements.

Changing U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy

In today's world, nuclear weapons are an outdated and counterproductive security liability for the United States.

Reducing the number of nuclear weapons worldwide—and better managing nuclear weapons in the United States—will lower risk and enhance U.S. security.

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Preventing Nuclear Terrorism

Some countries “reprocess” used fuel from nuclear power plants, creating material that’s usable in nuclear weapons. Avoiding this unnecessary step both domestically and abroad is crucial for preventing nuclear terrorism.

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Limiting Missile Defense

U.S. missile defense is expensive, ineffective, and may actually undermine national security by impeding deep cuts in nuclear weapons and complicating important international relationships.

Not expanding missile defense sites in the U.S.—and demanding better testing and accountability—will improve U.S. security.

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Strengthening U.S.-China Relations

Peaceful and productive relationships depend on accurate and transparent information, not political rhetoric or hyperbole. Clearly communicating U.S. and Chinese politics and intentions is key to maintaining a cooperative relationship.

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Enhancing Space Security

With more satellites in orbit than ever before, avoiding space-based conflicts is a top security priority. Smart planning and thoughtful safeguarding—not weaponization—will protect U.S. interests in space.

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Images (top; middle; bottom): Flickr, Gene Hunt; Flickr, NNSANews; Flickr, U.S. Army; Case UniversityNASA
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