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Urge CNN to Debate Climate Policy, Not Climate Science

CNN's coverage of climate change is improving, but it can, and should, do better. Tell CNN it's time to stop pretending there's a debate about established climate science.

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  • Tell McDonald's to go deforestation-free! Act Now »
  • Call on the Surgeon General to curb sugar consumption. Act Now »
  • Help ensure healthy food for all. Act Now »
  • Test your knowledge of global warming against public officials, media personalities, and political hacks and get a free "Got Science?" sticker. Act Now »

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Scientists: Get Involved!

Calling all scientists, engineers, health professionals, and economists:

Join thousands of other experts in efforts to build a healthy environment and a safer world. Sign up for the UCS Science Network today. Or check out our Early Career Scientists Initiative to work with emerging leaders in the scientific community.

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